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Looking Beyond Tomorrow 
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 Business Standard
  Press Reviews > Business Standard - Friday 9, 2007
"Think global, act local"

   Since its Inception in 1986, PCI Ltd., as a company has diversified into many businesses like power, electronic production line machines, UPS Systems, precision engineering, machines tools, software development etc., what is the secret mantra of your growth and stupendous success?

   PCI Ltd. A part of the renowned Prime Group of Companies began its operations in 1986 as Prime Chemfert Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., later rename as PCI Ltd. As a growth driver, the company has a clean focus of empower the priority sectors with the latest technological advancements and to optimize production while minimizing the costs. “Think Global Act Local”, As a guiding principle and “looking beyond tomorrow” on the technology front, have governed the Group’s business philosophy, approach and strategies. The Group has entered in the technical and marketing collaborations with the world’s leading corporations to imbibe the latest innovations and technologies. The company enjoys well-establish relationship with key corporate clients and commands a niche position in the market place with excellent human resource capital.
   Today, the Group’s area of activities includes manufacturing, assembling and marketing of a wide range of high-tech equipment, instruments, and systems relating to power and other core sectors of the economy, capital goods relating to PCB assembly and testing, power conditioning systems. CNC Machine tools, Geo-technology equipments, investment castings, precision engineering and software development.

   You have also diversified into the aviation sector. You are now offering aircrafts from Austria. Could you divulge more information on this?

   In India, Diamond Aircraft Industries of Austria has conglomerated with PCI Ltd. for promoting and distributing its fleet of aircrafts. Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. founded is 1981 is dedicated to supplying Aviation to market with the ultimate flying machines – safe, economical, inspiring aircraft. Diamond Head quarters and R&D centre are based in Austria. Diamond has three internationally approved production facilities at Austria, Canada and China. Its certified maintenance facilities are located across Austria, UK, Germany and Canada.

Diamond produces single (DA40 TDI Diamond Star) as well as twin-engine (DA42 TDI Twin Star) pro-peller aircraft and a single-engine jet (D-Jet) aircraft. The simulator is a perfect mock can be used for skill tests, revalidation and renewal as well as for instructor training. Diamond is the third largest piston air craft manufacturer in the global

The ultra modern, composite construction, intelligent avionics systems and trendsetting new engine-technologies accompanied by the low fuel usage have resulted in high operating efficiency and an unmatched flying experience.

   Have you ever given a thought to becoming manufacturers and produce products for the aviation sector? Do we see PCI Ltd. entering into that area sometime in near future? Does PCI Ltd. have tie-ups in the field of aviation?

In recent years, most Asian countries like China and India are facing major crisis-shortage of pilots. Experts have forecasted that India may need up to 4000 more pilots over the next five years and training them would cost about $200 million. To meet with the rising demand of pilots, the need for the pilot's training schools is being felt for by the aviation sector.

The long term goals for PCI Ltd. include the possibility of setting up a manufacturing base for Diamond aircrafts in India, which can also be exported across countries in Asia. We are also considering the proposal to open a pilot training school to meet up with the rising demand of pilots tin the aviation industry.

Presently in the field of aviation, PCI Ltd. has tied-up with world leaders in their respective fields and offers a range of Ground Support Equipment suitable for and in compliance with the latest market specifications, technical performances, environment protection, sound proofing, safety support quality etc.

For instance, PCI Ltd. has tied-up with PILLER of Germany for Electric based Frequency Converter (FC) and Electric based Ground Power Unit (GPU), SCHOPE of Germany for Air Craft Push-back and Towing Tractors, GUINAULT of France for Air Starter Unit (ASU), Diesel based frequency Converter(FC), Diesel based Ground Power Unit(GPU), Air Conditioning Unit, Air Cabin Heater etc., SOVAM of France for towable or self – propelled passengers steps, Catering Trucks, Baggage Tractors, Bag gages Trailers, Container & Pallet dollies, Passengers Boarding Bridges, Conveyor Belts, Shuttle Lift, Ambulift Vehicles etc. and FUCCO-HEG of Germany for automatic aircraft wheel washing machine.

   What are the new targets that you have set yourself for the coming year? Any plans to get into some other business besides expanding the existing ones?

The Indian economy is the fourth largest in the world with growth of around 8.5% in its GDP in 2006. We at PCI consider ourselves fortunate to be at the right time at the tight place (India). We see significant growth in all sectors and remain open to new ideas. Please visit http://www.primegroupindia.com
general aviation industry.

All the air craft have innovative design concept and are loaded with advanced technologies. The aircrafts have highest fuel efficiency in their class and can be operated with Jet A1 as well as with inexpensive automotive diesel or any mixture of both fuels, leading to extremely economical operation. For instance, the fuel consumed by a DA40 TDI Diamond Star is approximately 19 liters/hour. The highly economic design and engine capabilities along with low fuel usage and maintenance cost result in the high operating efficiency and an unmatched flying experience.

   So, who all do you supply these aircrafts to? Who are your consumers/clients as of now? Also, do you wish to expand your consumer base and how?
Launched for trials with various sensor packages and also for testing its

Diamond’s aircraft fleet is ideal for corporate fleet operators/taxi operators as well as pilot training schools. Due to the phenomenal fuel efficiency we have received several enquiries relating to our fleet of Diamond Aircrafts.
Various sensor packages and also for testing its.

At present, PCI Ltd. is in the process of finalizing its deals with leasing airlines, pilot training schools as well as reputed Government agencies of India. Aircraft delivery to the respective clients would begin later this year

For expanding consumer base and spreading awareness on its fleet of aircrafts, PCI Ltd. has been participating in several civil as well as defense related held in India. At the moment, we are participating in the upcoming international Aero India Exhibition 2007 being held at Yelahanka Air Force Base, Bangalore from February07-11 2007.

  What is the range of aircraft you provide?

Diamond produces single (DA40 TDI Diamond Star) as well as twin-engine (DA42 TDI Twin Star) propeller aircraft and a single-engine jet (D-Jet) aircraft. Diamond also manufactures HK36 Super Dimona power gliders.