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Namaskaar, August, 2009 - The INFLIGHT MAGAZINE of Air India


Taking pride in serving the nation


ďA manís reach should exceed his grasp, or whatís a heaven forĒ

Translating this golden thought into the philosophy of his life, here's a man with an insatiable desire to explore new horizons. Be it power, electronics production, engineering, precision investment casting, aviation and aerospace, specialised software solutions and so on, SURINDER MEHTA has exceeded his potential much beyond the attainable. Thatís why he has been honoured with Padma Shri by the President of India for his distinguished service in the field of technology solutions at Rashtrapati Bhawan on March31, 2009.

Mehta's brainchild, the Prime Group - a high technology solution provider to the nation Ė comprises well - known companies such as PCI Ltd flagship company of Prime Group, PIanet PCI Infotech Ltd, Prime Electric Ltd, Prime Power Corporation Ltd, PCI Europe GmbH, PCI Asia pacific Pvt Ltd, social venture based EndoIite India Ltd and an NGO named ISHWAR among others. The group was founded in 1986 and has since witnessed a remarkable growth from being a prime idea to a highly diversified multi-activity conglomerate focused on technological innovations.

A self-made entrepreneur, Mehta began his career in the field of underground power cable fault location through computerised hi - tech van-mounted equipment that obviated the need for endless digging of roads all over. This totally revolutionised power distribution, reducing downtime and saving crore of rupees for power utilities across the country. His quest for technology led him to bring further advancement into the country in the fields of on-site and on-line partial discharge detection; infrared based thermography and thermal imaging. Brought from across the world, these technological advancements are being used extensively across the country by the government, public and private sector, significantly contributing to the countryís economic and growth.

The Mehtaís other noteworthy contributions towards the country and its economy through use of technology are providing disaster relief ERS systems for almost immediate restoration of high tension power lines resulting from collapse of transmission towers due to natural calamities, terrorism or vandalism; supply of specialized power conditioning systems for managing the ground control and support equipment for the Chandrayan project and providing uninterrupted and quality power to several radar communication systems at the countryís international airport as well as to various defence organsiations. His unique technology provides over 100 MW of power through battery - less UPS systems, significantly assisting in reduction of carbon emission. He is also generating power through renewable energy by setting up a wind farm generating station in Gujarat. Mehtaís keen interest in technology has led him to focus on import substitution in the field of power turbine componentary. With in - house R&D efforts made by his able team, he has successfully developed highly specialised parts of steam turbines of up to 500MW for BHEL.

Surinder Mehta, Chairman, Prime Group, recieving the Padma Shri from President Pratibha Patil


The groupís software company - Planet PCI Infotech Ltd - has directly contributed to vital defence projects, including development of infrared signature suppression device. The Indian Navy is now fitting out all future indigenous warships with this system thereby considerably enhancing their stealth capability. Prime is further developing simulation tools for the centre for Air Borne Studies (CABS).


Mehta's commitment towards social responsibility has led him to establish ISHWAR - a Non Govermental Organisation (NGO) - as a charitable society that develops high-technology limbs and modem orthotic devices for physically challenged people from economically backward sections. It holds camps in different parts of the country to distribute these devices at their doorstep.

Endolite India, an ISO 9000 company, is the social venture of the Prime Group and is yet another pioneering effort by Mehta to bring in the latest technologically-advanced artificial limbs, including computerised knee control systems and electronically controlled upper limbs. Bringing in cosmetic restoration and state-of-the-art orthotics in the Country for the benefit of a large number  of physically challenged is part of the groups corporate social responsibility. In recognition of his noteworthy contributions to the economy and to nation building, Mehta has received several prestigious awards over the last 23 years.